"Thailand" "Burma Girl I" "Burma Woman" "Burma Girl II"



“Thailand” (2009)
View of Ao Phra Nang beach, Ao Nang, Krabi, (Thailand)

Ao Nang  is a central point of the coastal province of Krabi.

«Burma Woman» (2009)
«Burma Girl I» (2009)
«Burma Girl II» (2009)

Karen Long Neck Villages between Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle, thailand, (2009)
The Karen are a tribal group who have historically lived in the hills on the Myanmar  side of the Thai border.
The Karen women traditionally wear heavy brass rings around their necks, forearms, and shins.
The brass rings are made out of one solid pieces of metal making them quite heavy.
The rings actually smash their shoulders and rib cages down just making their necks seem longer.